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Landscape Architect
Nesra Engineering - Plainville, MA

Job description


Do you have a passion for the lush greens of nature and accents of texture and color? Do you enjoy turning unkempt natural areas into functional spaces? Help improve the natural beauty in the world around you by joining Nesra Engineering, LLC as a landscape architect. We need dedicated individuals who know how to design and change landscapes to meet client needs using Civil 3D 2021. By joining our team, you can be involved in updating local parks, playgrounds, schools, athletic facilities, commercial and residential subdivisions. This is a great role for anyone who loves the environment and wants to preserve and improve upon it.


Job Responsibilities

  • Communicate with clients, engineers and architects on landscape projects, both written and orally

  • Prepare visual representations of verbally described outdoor areas, present the images to clients and edit them to fit changes suggested by both private and municipal clients.

  • Inspect project sites for structural and ground stability to ensure safety in final project, and make changes to the existing design as necessary

  • Stay up to date on current practices and landscaping trends by engaging in continued research and education

  • Put together planting schedules for clients to use after the project is done in order to maintain the style, beauty and health of the finished product

  • Collaborate with local regulatory committees and legal organizations to understand laws about conservation, water use, and public safety

  • Follow up with clients after completion of a project to ensure satisfaction and maintain a future business contact

  • Create drafts to update existing public spaces to be more environmentally and economically friendly


Job Skills & Qualifications



  • Capable of clearly communicating with clients

  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture or Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

  • Licensed through the Landscape Architect Registration Examination in MA and/or the New England area

  • 2 years minimum experience using CIVIL 3D AutoCAD software to design outdoor areas is a must

  • 5+ years experience in park and landscape design & construction is a must

  • Demonstrate experience in all phases of design, construction cost estimating, bidding, and construction work of park and landscape design projects

  • Experience with playground and park design incorporating natural elements and plants into recreational areas is a must

  • Candidate must possess experience in public presentation and work within local and state public process

  • Candidate must demonstrate the ability to complete projects within limited time frames



  • Urban design experience a plus

  • Social impact design a plus

  • Universal design principles through community-driven design a plus

  • Experience in landscape design for climate resilience is preferred

  • Experience with environmental permitting is preferred

  • Grant writing experience is a plus.

  • Peer review experience is a plus

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

To apply, email your resume to:
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